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26 December 2017 @ 09:32 am



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Comment if you want me to friend you. I usually friend everyone except sock puppets, Russian bots, wankers, trolls, or obvious fantards.

But you have to COMMENT; otherwise, unless I recognize you from somewhere, I'll ignore it. How else are we going to get to know each other?

If you're looking for my fanfiction, friend this communicty instead: paynesgrey_fics . As for my fanart, please go to my DeviantART account to keep up with my work.

If you're looking for my icons and graphics, friend or join this community: prism_perfect .
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Because the original post got too large, here are my Heroes and Inuyasha Fic Recs:

This entry will constantly be updated!

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Continue to the rest of the fic recs...
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26 July 2017 @ 08:51 am
Misc. Multi-Fandom Fiction Recs: (Harry Potter, Veronica Mars, Bleach, Avatar, Ouran, Moonlight, Iron Man, Haven, Merlin, Supernatural, Glee, Star Trek, V, Doctor Who, Fringe, Sherlock Holmes, Flashforward, Dollhouse, Being Human, Misc., Crossovers)

This entry will constantly be updated!

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20 May 2015 @ 10:01 pm
I did it!

Today I released my novel Unbridled!

Please find it here at Amazon Kindle! You can use it for any device that has the Amazon Kindle app or use it on the Amazon Kindle.

I'll be posting more links soon as they come for other websites.

I'd squee more but I'm exhausted. I was at a career fair downtown Chicago most of the day so I'm super tired, but I'll be promoting the book throughout the week, as well as catching up with my other stuff.

Seriously my life has been so much about this book lately my house looks like a disaster. Dishes aren't done, laundry is still not put away, and there's a cup with old coffee on it on my studio desk. Haha, does this mean I've finally truly become an author?

And OOH! I have my first review!

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31 December 2014 @ 12:31 pm
EDITED: 01-01-2013


Here are my current art projects. Stay tuned: All my owed fic and art thingiesCollapse )
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Just a small blog update! My cover will be publically released on Friday. I know I've shown you guys under f-lock but I think I'll be done tinkering with it by then for the official release. :)

Also, musings about dedications pages and then update on my blog's header bar. I love my blog more now! I need to add links and keep the social marketing going.

Woot woot!


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16 March 2014 @ 03:14 pm
For interested parties...

paynesgrey_fics : All my new stuff, art and fanfic will be there from now on.

Whee! Now to actually put stuff there, lol.
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22 February 2014 @ 09:37 pm

Okay, they've teased about this before. They teased us at the end of Season 4. They teased that Xbox was going to do a series in the Heroes universe with new characters. They teased us that Heroes would continue in the comics last year as a Season 5.

We've heard NOTHING on any of this for awhile. And yet Tim Kring is apparently doing a mini-series. A really short teaser trailer is floating around saying they are reviving it for 13 episodes. No more details than that. Is Sylar back? What about Claire? Are these new characters?

Everything is hush-hush but at least there's hope for fans. It all seems legit. NBC even updated it's Heroes page.

Here's the teaser trailer.


On one hand I'm overjoyed because lately I've been so "meh" about TV and I really watch a lot less shows lately than I did back in the day. (Plus, I'd love a revival; maybe I can finish some of my unfinished stories.) On the other hand, I'm skeptical. I've seen too many Heroes hopes dashed in the past.

*fingers crossed*


PS. I'm surprised that there hasn't been anything like this on LJ yet, but even Tumblr is just getting wind. I'm hoping to see fan base come back a little bit. I hope we don't ALL hate each other and have moved on. Is there still some love left for Heroes?

EDIT: I take that back. My tumblr feed HAS finally exploded from the news. WOOT.
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09 October 2013 @ 11:36 pm
This girl is really good! Please help her out.

Originally posted by a_phoenixdragon at Tarot Readings for Sale...
Once more, for any and all who may be interested, I'm offering Tarot readings at a price that is slightly higher than a street vendor but way less than your average 1-800 number or reading. This would help get me out of a bind - and maybe make you feel a touch better about the future ahead (if not help you plan better for it)!

Prices are thusly:

Average Reading (Ques., Atmosphere, Past, Present, Possible & Probable Future): $15 USD

Full Reading (Q, A, Past, Pres., Poss., Prob., 2 Hopes/Fears, Family Opin., Final Outcome): $25 USD

Traditionally my 'usual reading' is the Full Reading, but I realise not everyone will want that, so I have set the Readings and prices accordingly. As always, if you wish to have a reading done, feel free to PM me and I will get it set up for you. We can do it via email, Skype or over the phone, whichever makes you more comfortable.

But even if you cannot do this at this time, I would really appreciate it if you would spread the word. There may be a few people out there who are interested - and I would wholly welcome their help. And look! They get something fun and (hopefully) practical in return!

Any way you can assist is appreciated, guise. And thank you (always, always) for listening!

*Squishes Listy Tight*

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No Biscuit - Laundry Logic
by ~quirkyslayer on deviantART

It's back, and whoa, I forgot how long these take me to do. Which means I really need to do these ahead of time. LOL.

I'm so happy it's back. WHEEEEE!!!

Please read at The Chic Witch, which has more character information as well.
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